Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well down here we always want snow and don't get it. A lot of times it has snowed but the ground is usually to warm to let it stick. Wishes came true Sunday when it snowed. I got up and was very excited to see the huge flakes falling. At first it wasn't sticking very well, but as it continued fall, it began to stick.

Shortly after, we got a call that church was canceled to stay on the safe side. A lot of the roads were slushy and slick for a while. Ben and I went out to enjoy it. We walked all around our property and wondered when the next time we would see it looking so beautiful!
Before lunch we went to the Fleming's home. Here is the forsythia bush in bloom! Everyone took a walk along the path in their pasture. It was so pretty. They actually had a little more snow then we had at our house, probably close to 2-3 inches that stuck. We played a game of ducks and geese.
Jerrel loved it!
Then the sun began to show and the snow became just right for snowmen. So we made a huge Frosty. The problem was the middle section was too heavy to put on the bottom!! Five people couldn't get it off the ground! It was so funny everyone grunting and groaning. Finally they knocked some of it off and were able to get it up there. The finished product was around 7 feet tall!Here is Frosty!

It turned out to be a great relaxing day.We sat around the fireplace, played games or napped and ate! It was a fun time spent with family and God's creation. The snow was almost all gone by night, but it was a reminder of God's beautiful world!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

A little boy was shopping with his mom at cracker barrel. I guess he saw this kid sewing machine and wanted it. His mom thought it was too expensive and wanted him to pick a little toy. So in talking to him she told him ' It is too much money and that it was for kids 8 and up anyways and you are not eight yet." The little boy replied very innocently" Well it (the sewing machine) doesn't know that." Kids are so funny!
Jerrel, my nephew, while eating dinner, informed Ben, with a disgusted look on his face that it was not polite to talk with your mouth full! Oopss! and an inside laugh is all Ben could do!! LOL