Friday, June 5, 2009

NY Trip

Last Thursday I headed north to NY for a long weekend. My mom was giving Korin, a bridal shower and it was also a great time to see some family. My grandparents are getting up in age and I am not sure how much longer I will have them. We had a great time, despite missing my transfer in Atlanta and getting in at 2:30 in the morning to my aunts. Oh well I was just tired the whole time.
Friday my mom and I went shopping for the shower. I then went to the airport to get my luggage and then went to Grandma and Grandpa Overturf's. Along with my Aunt Phyllis, we took Grandma to the doctor. She is doing pretty good considering. (She broke a vertebrae back a few months ago.) It is still kinda sad to see everyone get older and all that comes with it. Korin joined us that evening at G and G O's where we stayed the evening. We then went to my cousin Ronny's house where Korin and I stayed.
Saturday was the shower. It was a great time and alot of fun. Korin recieved some nice gifts and we had fun giving it. Afterwards we went out to see where we used to live, the old church, the lake ect. We then went to Platter's where we had some delicous orange chocolate custard icecream. I love them.
Sunday we went to church with my Aunt and Uncle, Ron and Diane and then went to see G & G O again and then went to see G & G Harms. Grandpa was just there so we visted with him for while, and just as ornary as ever! LOL That evening we saw Francis and Marilyn, a dear couple from our church up there. We had a nice visit with them.
Monday morning I flew home with no delays and went to bed and slept like 7 hours and still slept that night!! It was a great weekend but just went by to fast.

The Bride-to-be

The Yummy Food

Grandpa Harms
See that mischievous grin.. that is where I get it from!!!

Like the gown we made her!!!

left to right, Aunt Diane, Korin, Aunt Sandy, Mom, Grandma Harms, Aunt Phyllis
The pretty little table

Grandpa Overturf and Aunt Phyllis with us

Dear Grandma Overturf
This is the picture I gave her as a gift in a neat frame I got
It said Three Generations at the top and then a cool saying at the bottom. She loved it.

"Come here and say cheese" -Grandma. She was so cute!

Grandpa Harms
See that mischievous grin.. that is where I get it from!!!