Wednesday, February 17, 2010

fleming Christmas 09

Christmas Eve we had a progressive dinner! It started at my house with snacks and coffee. Then we went to Krista's for salad and Mom's for the main course and then Holly's for dessert. We then went back to Mom's and spent the night as well as helped Santa get the gifts all ready!
Christmas morning was so fun seeing the boys so excited about their gifts. We had a great fun relaxing Christmas day!

Everyone at my house Christmas Eve
Christmas morning Krista's boys, our nephews we so happy to see what
Santa brought them!

Christmas day Fun!

Ben's Grandparent's

Jerrel with the Bible cover and Dinosaur soap we gave him

Nana holding one of Ben's creations, a fire poker he made in his blacksmith shop.
She loved it!

Reading a book we gave Patrick

Harms Christmas 09

We spent Christmas day with Flemings. We went to SC and surprised my mom over New Years! (I let my dad in on the secret. )I called and told her a package was supposed to have been delivered that day and did she get it. When she said no, I told her the tracking said it had recently been delivered and to check and make sure on her porch. So when she opened the door to look we were standing there, and shouted surprise! She was too! Steve and Korin were home as well so we were all home for Christmas, over new years. We were able to see their new house and have a lot of fun together. Since they had just moved not a lot was set up yet including a tree but we made our own! LOL

Pyro-man Steve! Getting ready for the new year!

The tree! LOL It was my dad's palm tree we decorated!

Welcoming in the New Year

My Sister Aimee and I

Some more overnight back-packing gear! Yeah

Like Father like son! In more ways than one!

Aimee with the wallet I gave her

Mom and Pop

Steve and Korin with the quilt I made for them.
A late wedding/Christmas gift

While there we visited Falls Park in Greenville
We also hiked Table rock. It a long hard climb but well worth it at the top!
About 8 mile round trip I believe.
My Brothers, Matt and Tim and my dad
The view was beautiful
Mom and Pop and their new house!
The Whole Family

Oh Yeah! 30 years later and they are still together! I am blessed!

Very Nice Steve and Korin!

Fall 09 in review!

Here is our fall in pictures!

Ben working on a plant holder in his blacksmith shop.
He finally got some metal and was able to work and make some gifts!

The completed project along with Midnight and Smokey!

Ben's Romatic side comes out with a note and rose!! I loved it!

The Church Men's camp-out that Ben helped to plan and organize! All had fun besides getting into the fast current of the Coosa River.

Zach cutting up Credit Cards at our Dave Ramsey Class we finished this fall

We sold our goats this fall. We would like to get more in the future

Thanks strutting his stuff around the yard! He sure tasted good Thanksgiving! All 42 pounds of him!!!!!!

One of God's wonders

A fun weekend away at Richard and Anna's

October I had my knee surgery! Thankfully it healed well and is so much better now! I am starting to jog and run again!!
To the faint of heart I refrained from posting the pictures before this one! The guys of the family came over to help Ben with the process. While they were at it they did some chickens as well. This is Thanks ready to be smoked...this is in our largest sauce pan and he still didn't fit...His dressed weight was 42 lbs. Lots of dinner to feed all at Thanksgiving!

The fruits of our labour!! Lots of fresh, all natural chicken in the freezer!
These are the the extra roosters that we didn't need that I hatched earlier in the year!