Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New York State

Ok I am back into blogging I believe and have tried to fill in a few details of the past few months. The most recent adventure in our lives was our trip two weeks ago to New York State with a few days in Ohio.
We were gone for about 10 days, Friday-following Sunday. We covered some 2,700 miles in that time period! God was good and the trip went well and we were kept safe.
We spent a few days in the Buffalo area where my family is. We were able to see almost all the family except a few cousins. It was good to see everyone, especially my grandparents.

Grandpa and Grandma O and Aunt Phyllis.
Don't they look great for almost 90!

Grandma and Grandpa Harms

All the Harms side went out to eat at Red Robin! It was fun.
Here is my Uncle Ronny, Eric and Aunt Diane and Grandma (looks like my dad's brother huh?)

Dave and Aunt Sandy and Ashleigh

Aunt Janet, Jason, Jessica, and Uncle Jeff

To break up the trip a little ( NY state is kinda far from AL if you don't know your geography) We stopped in Cincinnati. We spent a few days there on the way back with my brother Steve and his wife Korin, my other brother Tim in college, as well as one our best friends Mary and Jon. (oh don't forget baby Liam!)

Cool Dude

We had a lot of fun on the Wii. Ask Steve about tall people, ceilings and playing bowling on the Wii!!!!!!! LOL

Always a lot of fun playing frisbee golf!

One of the main reasons we went was to visit a farm in Northern NY that we were prayerfully considering doing an apprenticeship at. We stayed for almost 4 days with the Gordon family and loved it. We have felt God leading us to a change for a while now but we weren't sure where. Doors opened up and God answered a lot of prayers for this to work out. Now it is happening!! We will be moving temporarily to a little town in upstate New York near the town of Malone, near the home of Almanzo Wilder in about 3 weeks!! The farm does most of their work with horses, which Ben wants to learn, as well as logging with them. They also have a small dairy herd and sawmill. It will be a change, an adventure and a new path down the road called life. Sometimes you never know what God will put around the bend.The pictures will tell you more

Where their milk goes to

Trying my photo taking skills! LOL
Feeding a calf

Ben feeding the cows

The beautiful horses. Ben got to drive them for a bit.

My birthday

Ben was very sweet and with some help, arranged a surprise birthday party for me after church. He was able to pull it off without me even realizing it which is hard to do. I usually always figure stuff out with-out meaning to. We had a cook-out and a very yummy cake. I didn't have my camera so no pics, sorry.

Snowy winter

I have prayed for snow every winter I have been down here and have even asked the kids when I taught to pray for know snow days!!!! It never came..well...last march it snowed once.
I guess the prayers were all answered in one year because we had quite a bit of snow days, or at least snow flakes in the air this winter. It was pretty cold too. I guess the global warming moved off.


Early February found us traveling with 10 people to Florida! We went to Hobe Sound Bible College for their 50th anniversary. (the college Ben attended)
We were also able to to see the ocean, despite the man-of-wars the first day! Even though it was Florida, it was chilly part of the time. Ben was able to reconnect with old friends .
We both had a great time, even if the air mattress goes flat at 2am.
Making Memories!

A little fun on the way down at a chick-fila

The alumni mass choir

Ben and Patrick enjoying the waves


Ben reached the first of many big mile stones in December. Late in January we threw him a party. It was a great time with friends and family

Ben modeling one of his gifts, a portable potty! LOL

One cute helper

A big man pizza!! 52 slices

The Farm cake I made him! It turned out very well!