Friday, October 31, 2008

Pastor Appreciation

Being this is October and pastor appreciation month,(and the last day of October) I wanted to say that I appreciate my pastor, as well as all the pastors out there laboring for God. I know it isn't always easy but your rewards will be a many in heaven. Keep up the good work.
I really appreciate our pastor, Pastor John and his wife Anita. I know God has placed them here at our church for his purpose. Our Pastor tries to get us think for ourselves. (sometimes that is hard) He has stressed the importance of love and acceptance of people, not judging others, but loving them to Christ. What is in our heart is what is most important, it will spill over and take care of the rest. I really enjoy our once-a-month marriage enrichment. They are a great example for us younger couples to follow.
Behind every good man is a great woman and that is Anita. She is such a loving, sweet woman. She has many physical problems but you never hear about them. (puts me to shame) She puts others first and gives God her best. She is also a counselor at a pregnancy center.
Thank you both for your hard work and dedication to our Church! We Love you!

Who is at my door????

Last night I heard some banging at our door. I opened it find this, two cute little animals.
Jerrel was Tigger and Patrick was a puppy.

Two little puppies!!!!
Drago says please play with me!!!

Well what is that on your head Patrick? Are you really a puppy too?

Drago is so good with them...the boys were all around and stepping on his legs as he laid down and he didn't do a thing. He just does alot of sniffing.

Uncle Ben gets bounced on from behind by Tigger!!

We enjoyed having them come out to our house for some treats. We were the last stop so everyone was a little tired, including Ben. Jerrel bundled up and went out to look at the pigs and goats before he left. I guess one of them was checking out his jacket and he thought it was so funny. Then he went around, pretending he was a goat, nibbling on our clothes! LOL

Pictures of trying to get family pictures! LOL

Our famous PhotographerYeah for Papa!!! Nice pictures!!!
Mom trying to get us all to hurry and come then we can eat!!
Ok, now where do we stand??? as Leonard carries on his own conversation! LOL
Cute as a button but did get tired of waiting!!!
I love getting my picture taken!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What is a blog???

I was meaning to post this a while ago. I want your help. My aunt was telling my Grandma about my blog and my Grandma wanted to know what a blog was. I thought it was cute but how do you explain to someone who was born before the depression, before computers, what a blog is. I'm interested in hearing your answeres.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Last Wednesday I got to substitute 1st and 2nd grade. It was great and also great to walk out at the end of the day and leave it! The Bible lesson was on Jacob and Essau and how Essau sold his birthright. Well after we talked about the story and the lessons we can learn from it, a girl with a puzzled look raised her hand. "How do you give up your birthright... isn't is like in your skin?" as she graps her own skin. Your thinking of a birthmark and then went on to explain the best I could what a birthright was, again!


Today started out fine. This morning I thought I was running ahead of schedule and would be at work in plenty of time to clock in at 5:45. Suddenly I remember, oh I gotta take Ben to pick up the truck so he has a way to get to work. He had car-pooled with a friend on Saturday and had forgotten the keys to get it Sunday. So I rush in and awaken prince charming all the while muttering oh I gotta hurry. About 5 minutes later we are driving down our drive. Thankfully the truck was kinda on the way to work but enough out of the way to make me a slight bit late. Then the lady who works the shift after me was sick so I worked for her. By the time they finally got the night cashier up and me counted down it was around 4:30.
I ran to get some hay for the animals so they would stay warm tonight, ran to Wal*Greens and then home. The I helped Ben spread the hay while the goats jumped on the other bale. They were so cute, just like kids playing king of the mountain. I then threw some dinner together, with Ben's help, ate some delicious Tilapia, salad and chowder, cleaned up and now am on my lap top for a little time to enjoy before I fall over asleep. Anyways that is my crazy day and tomorrow looks like that, clean a ladies house in the morning and then work for the sick lady again in the afternoon. Now maybe with the extra hours I can or fix the car??? LOL

Last week

Last week was full but exciting.
Monday I went to my quilt teacher's house and we worked on my quilt for the evening and now it is getting close. I am exctited. I believe every block is at least started, if not finished and just needing pieced together.
Tuesday the we had WMS at my house, women's missionary meeting. Once a month all the ladies get together at someone's house and this month it was me. It was a fun time and and quite a few ladies showed up. I made a yummy cake, a new recipe that I found. It turned out pretty good. I just wish I would have taken a picture of it. It was a chocolate pumpkin cake with a cream and cream cheese frosting with a chocolate glaze over it. :)
Thursday I went shopping at Aldi's. Ben tried to fix our old car's belt so we can try to sell it and wasn't able to. Frustrating for him. And now the thing won't crank. (after we went and got a new ignition because the old one locked) Oh well.... so is life!! So it is still sitting...scrap metal here we come. After that we had good time fellowshipping with some friends.
Friday was the school's fall festival. It was weird for both Ben and I going and not having any responsibility for any booths. We enjoyed it, especially the homemade doughnuts! YUM!
Saturday we went to Old Baker Farm for thier fall fun days which included a reenactment in the afternoon. I had to work but was able to get there for the battle. I had fun browsing the craft booths as well as the hayride and getting a pumpkin. Patrick just loved his pumpkin...loved it so much he chewed the stem off. It was funny.
Sunday attempted to snap some family portraits in the yard with the Fleming clan. It always takes longer than you think and its funny how everyone has thier own comment on it. (flemings have opinions? LOL) It went fine and I believe that some turned out great. We even took some fun shots! Hopefully I will post some later.
That is a little of what has been happening, everyday stuff!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Mom and Pop. Twenty-nine Years for you guys! That is awesome! Most don't make it that long these days. Thank you for the good example you have set for us. I hope the Lord blesses you both with many more together! We love you!
-Ben and Beth

Friday, October 17, 2008


For all that have been asking me for ideas... I have typed a Christmas wish list for both Ben and I. Click on the link to be connected to the Christmas lists.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Aimee Joy

I just want to wish my lil sis a happy happy birthday..belated, a day late....but still many happy birthdays!
I remember 14 years ago Pop calling and saying "Guess what?" "It's a boy right?" I replied. "No, it's a girl" to which I didn't believe at first and then was so excited. (not sure what I would have done if he had said yea, it's a boy LOL) I finally had my sister, twins just I am older.
I can't believe you are already 14. I was thinking of all the memories and girl times! I just want you to know that I still love you. I'm sorry that I don't live close to take you places and all that good stuff but I think about you alot and love you so much!
I hope your day was a special one! You are loved and missed!
-your big sis

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ladies Retreat

This past Thursday - Saturday was our conference's Ladies Retreat. This was my third time going and as always it is always a great time of fun and encouragement as well as uplifting. My Mom was able to make come with a group from her church from Easley. That was great for me and her. It was so nice to see her. She enjoyed getting to see our place as well as feeding our goats and chickens. She hadn't seen it since we fixed it up.
Our retreat's theme was enjoying the journey, with Christina Black as our speaker. She challenged us and left us thoughts to mull over. A few times, as always seems to happen, God came in our presence and just touched all of us.
Friday they usually have a theme dinner for us to dress for. This year they wanted us to dress old-fashioned. Some ladies said "We are old and already dress old-fashion." LOL
I, along with my two sister-in-laws and my mother-in-law, dressed in our reenactment dresses. Everyone loved them and asked us all the famous questions about them. Most ladies dressed old fashioned and looked so cute. I have a picture of my mom and I.
We did some shopping Friday afternoon and got some good deals. It all wrapped up Saturday after the morning session. It was great time and I came away feeling refreshed.

Here is all the ladies from my church.

My project

Patrick's (my nephew) 1st birthday was Friday. It is hard to get stuff for one year olds when they don't understand and they have a lot of toys already. I got to thinking and decided to try and make him a gift with my new knowledge from quilting class. I first thought of a pillow, then thought of a block pillow since his birthday theme was blocks. It turned out cuter than I thought it would and was quite proud of myself. (any orders)

I thought this was so funny! Dogs and chickens can get along. Both were sleeping until I opened the door to snap the picture and Mocha woke up. They both just laid there watching the chicks or sleeping!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Open House

October 4 was our open house! It was a great time and quite a few people came to the Fleming Homestead.

It was fun to show everyone what our place looks like as well as the animals. All the kids had fun feeding them as well as jumping on the trampoline. We received so many nice gifts. Everyone had a great time. I just wish that my family could have been there, immediate and in-laws.

Ben worn out afterwards and so are the dogs!


I'm trying to get ready for our open house. I'm getting fall boxes out of the shed so I can try to make it look pretty! I am coming down the steps of the shed, hands full of boxes and as I step on the bottom one on the edge it rolls out on me and before i know it I am sitting on the ground with no boxes in my hands and the wind knocked out of me. My leg is all scraped, other leg cut as well as my toe. I realize my bottom is really hurting as well. So much for decorating! I call ben to pick up some band-aids on his way home from work.(we just had gauze) Meanwhile I am just hurting and the leg is stinging and I realize I am going to have a very huge, very colorful bruise on my bottom, like tye-dye! My head is hurting and I have a open house to get ready for the following day! Well I woke up the next morning feeling ok just stiff and was able to get everything spic'n'span. Well except........I went to finish getting some boxes and tried to see how I fell and if the brick was tipsy and all the sudden before I knew it, it did it again! I was so mad at myself and get some more scrapes! Well ben did go and fix it so it shouldn't happen again! Thank you Ben!