Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Church Valentine's Dinner

Last Saturday we had our church's Valentine's dinner at the fellowship hall. It was fun time with a pretty good turnout. I think every couple was there!

First we had our dinner of BBQ. Then delicious cake. While we were finishing up the cake Krista and Leonard started the games. (Good job to both of you and Julie and Andy)
The first was finding the most romantic man! Each guy was to read the poem they had to their lady. It was cute and funny! At times we were just dying with laughter!
I love this one of Tommy and Honey!It was also neat to see everyone's personality come out.
Here is pastor and his wife.

After playing a couple other games, we watched Fireproof. It was an awesome movie with a great message. It was very challenging to me and I highly recommend it to everyone!
By the time we left it was getting late but thoroughly enjoyed our evening!

Bye Bye Purple People Eater, also known as Barney

We finally sold my old car. It was giving us problems last year and we got our Mitsubishi in place of it. I was glad to sell it and get the money but still a little sad because of the memories it held. ( I know, I am very sentimental about things.) It was the car we drove away in at our wedding. It served its time and now has moved on! LOL

Happy Birthday Steve!!

To my big-little brother: I want to wish you a great 23rd year!! Thanks for always being there whenever I need someone to talk to or whatever. You are a great brother!! I love you lots and wish you a very good year!! ( I know it will be, especially June 20 and beyond!) Love ya Bubba!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad F!!

I just wanted to wish a Happy Anniversary to my second parents. :) Sorry it is not on the actual day but the wishes come just the same!
I hope you have many more!! We love you!! Happy 35th!!!

Happy Birthday..(late) to Krista!!

I knew there was a couple other posts I still needed to do and here is one of them!
Happy Birthday Krista! I hope you had a wonderful day! Thanks for being a great sis-in-law! You are such a great person and I really appreciate you. Hope you have a wonderful year! Luv ya!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Goat in distress

The other day I was looking out my window and saw the pigs running after the goat. Mopsy had a bucket around her neck and the pigs thought that perhaps she was hiding food from them. So every once in a while the pigs would come up and try to get their nose in the bucket. It was hilarious. I grabbed my camera and ran out the door.
Now came the hard part. Getting that goat to get close enough so I can grab her and then grab the bucket off. I was already down there when I realized I should have brought some food. I finally cornered her in the stall and grabbed her. You would have thought she was dying. I released it of the bucket and it went off on it's merry way, the pigs wandering over still wondering if there is food in there! LOL
BTW the bucket was not hurting her, just uncomfortable, especially when running from me!


Both Ben and I were sick. I slept half the day and was still kinda grumpy. (sorry Ben) He cooked me a pancake breakfast. Yummy! We both thought we would feel better if we got out. So I drugged up :) and off we went. We went to the Co-op and saw the baby chicks they had. Then we went to the mall. I haven't been there in forever. It was fun but we both got tired and tired of all the people. Then we went and watched a movie and ate Chinese! When I got home I remembered I had to make the cake for Sunday dinner. I start and Ben yells from the other room. Does it smell funny out there? I was like I don't know? Like gas? Well over by the computer? I go over there and on the table sits a dozen roses, chocolates and a note. They were supposed to have arrived earlier when we were still home. It's ok. I love them Ben and I Love you! Thank you for making it a happy Valentine's Day!

Winter Jam

About a week and a half ago found us at Winter-Jam. A bunch of Christian artists and up-and-coming ones get together and travel for a couple weeks doing concerts, more as ministry, so youth groups ect. can all come. At only $10 I love it! They also have some speakers who preach a salvation message as well. It is a full night.
Ben was chickening out on me but finally decided to accompany me. He got burned last time we went, two years ago. We sat like right in front of a speaker so he had a bad headache and didn't feel good. Well this time he brought his ear-plugs just in case. We actually had a pretty good seat on the side but could see alot and not too loud...at least not like last time!
It was a sold-out crowd. (See they can fill up the BJCC Dad F.!)
The best was Toby Mac!! Also in concert were Newsong, Bradon Heath, Francesca Battistelli, and some others as well as speaker Tony Nolan.


We get back from our trip, having friends coming for the weekend and I notice that it is all wet around the front of the trailer...uhoh! Yeah Pipes were leaking..not one, but a couple. Well we left it alone for the night as company came. ($$$)
There was not a good time to fix until Monday night. We had turned off the hot water, but at least had cold. Oh and did I mention that it was still pretty cold outside. Well even with heaters down there, pipe glue has trouble sticking at 20 degrees and dropping. Leonard, bless his heart, came over to help. Now see he is NEVER cold!!! Well you missed your once in a life-time opportunity to see him just shiver. After both guys getting just soaked,and running into more leaks, the glue wouldn't hold. I felt so bad for them. (Thank you guys for trying!!!)
They waited for a couple days when it was warmer and it was fixed for about 2 hours and it leaked again!!! So here we are 5 days with no hot water. (We went to a friends to shower! :)
Friday morning, I am already at work, Ben gets up and finds he has another flat tire!! (This time it was fixable, just a nail I think) He finally gets some friends to get him to work. One of the friends, Don Shirk, took the tire and fixed it for him. He came over to put it on and had heard about our pipes. He found another kind of fitting and put it on for us as well. This time it actually worked!!! So we have been enjoying our hot water ever since. I believe God was teaching us patience and F.R.O.G.!(fully rely on God!)

Trip to SC

Ok I think I will finally catch everyone up today...maybe! LOL I have been fighting this cold thing, and I feel better and then it drags me down again. And now my tummy is upset. ARGG! Oh well.

Due to unfortunate events, a funeral, Ben and I took a quick trip to SC in the middle of January. It was nice to see my family again, as well as sad for the family that is now in heaven. Ben did get to catch up with old friends as well.

I was able to see my brothers play basket ball, which I have been wanting to do. That was neat.
(#12 is Tim- "Timinater"!!!) Matt played also! Too bad you lost that one!

After the game we headed out, kinda late. But God had other plans. Thirty minutes down the road we had a totally flat tire. The alignment was off so it had just ruined the tire. It was crazy and kinda funny now! We were missing tools so had to call my dad to help us get the spare on. I'm tired and half asleep and so cold. Two hours later we arrive back at my parents and hit the sack. I was just thankful it happened where it did, instead of the middle of nowhere!
Since my car is foreign they don't always carry the tires at the store. So we had to wait till after lunch to have it put on. We finally head home and of course hit Atlanta rush hour. God kept us safe and we finally made it home that evening about 7:00PM.
Considering all, it really wasn't bad! I really have it good!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fleming Christmas

New Years Day was the Fleming Christmas. We all hurried over bright and early before the boys woke up. They were both sleepy but came out to see what Santa brought them.
Jerrel got "just what I always wanted"..the JayJay airport set. He would have been happy to sit there and play with it the rest of the day, forget the other gifts. LOL

Patrick on his bike
All the gifts

Krista opening the cloak I made for her!
This was a precious moment where Mimi was reading the book Holly made for Jerrel

Patrick's famous words...oooo, wook, wook (look) and "WOW"

Nana and Papaw

Leonard doing what he does best..laugh ..and who else to learn from...Rick and Bubba!

A typical Dad look!

We had a great time together. We opened some and ate and then opened some more, taking most of the day. We both received alot of nice things. We are so blessed.

We found out that Granny likes Mexican music!!! Gotta love it!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Between Harms Christmas and Fleming Christmas

We were only at my parents for a few day because we both had to work the day after Christmas. :( But then my friend from college, Liz Reimann came and stayed for a few days. That was a lot of fun. We went and hiked at Cheaha State Park. It was a beautiful December day. We went out onto Bald Rock...a very beautiful view and then hiked a trail to a water fall. The picture at the top is taken there as well.

We also went to hear the Alabama Symphony play thier New Years Eve concert. It was fun!! We went with Ben's family. We had a blast!

Here is Ben's mom, sisters and I sporting our masks.

Liz and I...do we look evil! LOL

I think that they look so cute!!

Afterwards we hung out at the Fleming's house. Liz was able to hang out with all her guy friends....lol. She is actually surrounded by Ben's collection of nutcrackers. She is standing with the tallest one. 6' Liz left New Years day. We had a great time together and I hope we can do it again sometime.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Family pictures

Here are the long promised family photos..the best of. I posted more on facebook. I was happy with how they turned out!
PS...I am starting to post. I will do it even if i do it one at a time! LOL
the lovely couple

Another lovely couple!! AWWW
(My poor pop was not feeling good that day!)
Family portrait

I thought this was a cool one

All the siblings, me, Steve, Tim, Matt, and Aimee

I Thought I would try and take some he might use for Senior pics...I really like this one...isn't he handsome. (now I am giving him a bigger head!)
Another Handsome Brother

Steve and Korin

This is where Ben busted his knee. Ben tripped over Tim's foot and appeared to slid across the pavement. However the knee seemed to take the brunt of the fall along with the hands. He is still having trouble with it.
Now this is just cute!!! LOL

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yes I am still here!

We have had some crazy weeks lately and I have had the best of intensions to blog and want to but kept running out of time or my perfectionest side wouldn't let me because I wouldnt have time to do it all! LOL Then i misplaced my camera a couple times..and now it is in the car Ben is driving to work. I have plans to start tonight. We are both still alive and well, just a couple flat tires, water pipes busted, a funeral and a car that acts up when it rains and dogs that bring home dead animals...we are doing fairly well. We are alive and healthy and both still have our jobs! God is still good! I will detail more later.