Sunday, August 22, 2010

South Carolina

Tim and Matt have been staying at our house all summer. Well it was about time for Matt to return home to finish his last year of high school. So Tim took him home and I went along for the ride to see my family for the weekend. We had a great time and it was nice to see them again.
Friday we left so early in the morning (to miss Atlanta traffic) that we came home and slept for a bit. We went and did a little shopping, or browsing for me at the mall.
Saturday, Pop, Tim, Matt and I went to Table Rock State Park and went canoeing. I wanted to take pics but didn't bring my waterproof sack for my camera in case of an accident. Well no accident but it sure did rain, so we didn't get to canoe as long as we wanted but that's ok, it was still fun. It continued to drizzle so we just took a little walk in the rain and waded in the stream.
That evening we all went mini-golfing in down town Greenville. That was a blast! We took a walk through the park on the way back! A beautiful evening!
Well we were going to leave and come back to AL after church Sunday afternoon. Well Saturday evening as Tim and Matt took their 'last' joy ride in Tim's car, it died on him, in the middle of downtown! Well I think Tim's pride might have been taken down a notch. Here is Tim and Matt pushing the car into a parking spot, that happened to be open, in the middle of busy downtown, where all kinds of people are watching and talking and trying to help, some drunk! He can't start it. So he calls Pop. Oh did I tell you that it was almost midnight and he was only supposed to be getting gas down the street, not joy driving downtown! LOL Well anyways we stayed an extra day till Tim could get the belt replaced! LOL
We had a great trip, just a day later that I planned on finishing up my classroom! Oh well, it got done. Part of the golf course was in a black light room! It was pretty cool!
Umm Tim and Matt.....need I say more!
Hit it Pop!!!
The beautiful bridge at the park

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