Sunday, November 21, 2010

Battle at Tunnel Hill, GA

In Septemeber we went to Tunnel Hill, GA. We love this reenactment. It was the first one that we ever participated in. We enjoyed it as well as the boys that went along with us.
Two cute guys!!!
Our company!The younger boys went out to the house for the battle.
They were able to watch it up close and personal.

After the battle. This was Jorden Messner's first reenactment that he was a soldier in.
He enjoyed it!
The boys 'camping out' under the fly.
Note they started the night up by the chair and slowly slid down the hill!
We visited the old train tunnel at night!!!


Lisa Messner said...

Loved looking at your pictures. Haven't seen very many from that day (except for Holly's). Thanks for posting!!

Leonard and Krista said...

So cute. Thanks for posting!