Sunday, November 21, 2010

My life in pictures...August/September

Our YAC game Night!
We had a great time with our young adult's class at our pastor's house
Here Ben and Joe are in a hot game of Rook against Leonard and Christy.

And when you run out of tables you use whatever else works....ironing board Rook anyone?
We down to Montgomery to our friends, Richard and Anna's house.
We had fun eating steaks and watching football!
Here is proof that Auburn and Alabama people can be friends...well it was only September, not Iron Bowl time yet!!! LOL
While in Montgomery, I drove my Old Alabama Town. It was really neat.
Here are a two pictures of some of the old, beautiful houses!
I want this one in the middle of about 100 acres!!

Who says they just grow stuff bigger in Texas?
Now that's a steak!!
The electric went in the whole city of Tarrant, so we had service by generator, running a few lamps and a few window units for air conditioning! Making memories, having church in our basement.

We also had the dedication service for little Madelyn Rose
It was a very precious service

Here is part of the decorations in the church for the dedication
I like how they used my quilt, very pretty

Celebrating Leonard's birthday was a 'smashing' success!!
My little bandito!!
A precious little girl!!!


Lauren's Nana said...

She is precious for sure, looks like everyone had a great time at all occasions! Hugs to all.

Charity said...

Yay! You're back on blogger! Loved the pics! Looks like your fall was lots of fun!

Leonard and Krista said...

What an assortment! Lots of good memories!